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My Big Backyard ~ A First {And Not Last} Visit

Ever since the Memphis Botanic Garden opened its newest garden My Big Backyard last August, I have heard only good things about it. Atticus and I finally had a chance to visit a few weeks ago with the Women in Architecture group and one of the project’s architectural consultant Mary of Haizlip Studio. While standing right at the trellis entrance to hear some background information on the project {read more here}, Atticus constantly asked when we could go in to play. I’m sure Mary sensed the anxiousness and soon set us free to explore.

With the first sight of the Dr. Seuss-like tree house, I noticed Atticus was more in awe than anything as he headed toward the tree house using the long winding stone path instead of cutting across the grass. Discovering all the structures were designed to his size, he soon started to release his energy and excitement, and soon I felt like an outsider in a world run by kids. All in a positive way ~ the kids politely introduced themselves to each other {not to the adults} then began playing as if they had always known each other. You’ll see in the pictures below labeled in reference to the map how much interaction Atticus had with the other kids, especially the girls.

We tried to see everything in four hours {much longer than the rest of the group} but soon agreed we should save the rest for another visit or visits.



The twig house encased a kitchen with plenty of bowls, sticks and wood chips to make "soup" and "cake." The kids passed things back and forth after politely asking to "please pass the salt" or "the milk" in the container Atticus refilled several times, as shown below.

Time to enjoy his soup as he takes a big sniff.


The kids started by banging on a few instruments but Atticus soon started a game of chase.


The chase game continues here, then as the other kids left, he started noticing the cool wall tiled with old toys and trinkets.



The photo above on the left is actually not next to the Seedling Circle deck but over the hedge and across the trellis entry. Out of the other rooms created in the garden this one seemed most visually interesting. / It was not long before we had to take a rest, buy some lemonade at the Guest House refreshment window, and call it a day. It was a great first visit but it surely will not be our last.


Memphis Botanic Garden
My Big Backyard
750 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38117
ph +1.901.576.4100

~ Admission { All areas of the Botanic Garden including My Big Backyard }
$5 adults / $4 seniors / $3 for children {ages 3-12} / free children under 2 & Members
~ {Sorry, no more free days.}

Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm {Daylight}
/ Monday to Saturday 9am to 4:30pm, Sunday 11am to 4:30pm {Standard}

Designed by Terra Designs / Architectural Consultant ~ Haizlip Studio


Special thanks to the Women in Architecture / Wendy / Heather / Mary. Photos /graphics by Sophorn. Map from MBG website.


  1. great photos! what a great addition to the memphis community. never enough family/kid friendly places. i wish i could have gone with you guys. atticus looked like he had a lot of fun.

  2. My friends and I went here today after seeing it on your blog! It was absolutely amazing, and we all enjoyed it (despite being 20+)

  3. that's so funny! Great for big "kids" too.


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