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Critterbug & Cricket Logo Development / Part 1

As mentioned before, I am developing a logo for my friend Tricia's new business called Critterbug & Cricket which creates personalized gifts for kids and women. The names Critterbug and Cricket are endearing nicknames she and her husband gave her two kids before they were born, since they wanted the boy or girl surprise. I suggested to Tricia that we try to relate the nicknames to her kids by creating a logo inspired by them. Actually, inspired turned into literally including them by cartoonizing their faces.

The actual logo shown above starts to take on the idea that, like her use of monogramming and applique on her products, the logo itself can be an applique or a sticker. Below are mark studies along with color studies where orange represents critterbug/girls and blue represents cricket/boys. {I still need to work on color studies of the logo above.}

Tricia needs a blog header, business cards and product tags/labels. The image above starts to think about all three. In fact, the business card was discussed to become the product tag just by punching a hole through the card. If you are curious to see the photos of Tricia's cute kids I used to draw the illustration, see below.

Graphics by Sophorn. Photos courtesty of Tricia.

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