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Jerry's Sno Cone ~ More Please

On our way to Fuego Maya’s for a Cinco de Mayo dinner, we stopped by Jerry’s Sno Cone just down the way to check out the menu for the outing we were planning for Atticus’s friends this Saturday. Since we’ve never tried Jerry’s before, we just couldn’t wait 3 more days and ordered snow cones before dinner. I mean you just can’t get enough snow cones, right? I also got a chance to get a few wide angle shots {sneak peek above} and will take more photos of what everyone tastes on Saturday. If you would like to stop by around noon, please find me. I would love to take pictures of what you order and get your review for the full post. Hope to see you there.

Jerry's Sno Cone
1657 Wells Station Rd.
Memphis, TN 38108
ph +1.901.767.2659

Photo/graphics by Sophorn.

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