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Tasted ~ Jerry's Sno Cones

Saturday was a glorious day for being outside AND for enjoying snow cones. As mentioned previously, we invited a crew of Atticus’ friends and their parents for a Saturday lunch and dessert. All 5 families came as newcomers to Jerry’s but left as new loyal customers.

{ ORDER }A long line formed soon after we arrived.
{ PICKUP } Around the corner, we pick up our order while Atticus picks up a spoonful.
{ ENJOY } Flavor ~ Napoleon Dynamite enjoyed by Christopher and Atticus, previous night.

It was a given that we all ordered snow cones, but the most enjoyed item on the menu turned out to be the burger/cheeseburger based on everyone’s comments.

~ “Forget the snow cones. I’m coming back for the burger.” ~Linda.
~ It was a "typical greasy spoon burger that you just can't get anymore." ~Chris, said in the best way possible! {Until now.}

~ And my favorite quote from mom Leighann about her burger* in the animated graphic below:

*Photo is of my Senor Burger which was great served with jalapenos and Ranch instead of ketchup.

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Snow Cone Flavors {Tasters}

As for the snow cones flavors, the favorite among the boys was Rainbow as Dylan, Trip, and Atticus, first drawn by the bright array of colors, finished it down to the last drop. Among the adults, it became clear that making any flavor supreme {adding soft serve ice cream on top} was the way to go. Others tasted but not pictured were strawberry {Leighann} and red wedding cake {Jenny}.

First, I tried the coconut and almond with chocolate ice cream on top { similar to eating an Almond Joy } that they recommended then tried pineapple coconut Saturday eaten in the animated gif below since I love pina colada. All I can say is “More please.”

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Jerry's Sno Cone
1657 Wells Station Rd.
Memphis, TN 38108
ph +1.901.767.2659
Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 9pm. / Cash Only.


The extra photos above are for Katye and her dad Chris. Katye collected flowers from the yard next door to Jerry's for me and wanted a picture of it. Thank you Katye! Chris pointed out the Santa Claus boldly displayed on the porch next door as an added ambiance of the neighborhood character. Apparently, like Jerry’s, it’s also appreciated all-year round.

Photo/graphics by Sophorn.

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  1. My friend Kate Bidwell sent me a link to your blog- "she always has something interesting on there!" So I came to check it out and realized I knew you when I read the Summer drive-in post, recognized lots of faces, then put two and two together. I was an ID intern at LRK in the summer of 2007.
    I think your blog is fabulous! And I love Jerry's- my favorite flavor is raspberry. And I love love love Muddy's- PuckerUp is my favorite cupcake. of all time.


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