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memphis bbq fe{a}st


Memphis barbecue fest has usually been an outing for us only if we have guests in town. One year it was my brother and his friends. This year my parents, great cooks of bbq by the way, attended for the first time. Luckily, we passed by a team booth with people we knew ~ our friends Katie and Chris~ at just the right time {feasting time}. Thanks Chris, Katie, and VooDooQ! It was so delicious.

It was so hot and bright we were relieved to get under a bigger shade to cool down.

Chris' plate of bbq made it hard to refuse his invitation to help ourselves. For Atticus though, he first had to contend with the decor surrounding the VooDooQ entry before digging in.

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Atticus was the stand-in hand model for Christopher's plate by my request. He touched the sandwich with a petting motion, and I just had to work with that. I think he was somehow trying to comfort the pork sandwich and assure it that this kid would not be eating it, especially with dessert and fruit to be found.

See this year's winning bbq teams here + supplement photos to this posting here.

Photo/graphics by Sophorn.


  1. Your blog is ridiculously fabulous. I mean, you are killing me with the creativity here! Love it.

  2. Thank you so much. May I just compliment your compliment. Just made my day since I love your blog too.


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