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Summer Drive-In ~ A Nostalgic Idea

It's a delightfully simple idea for a gathering but the nostalgia and intimacy of the drive-in created a touching farewell party for our friend Amy. All the credit was due to our friend Juan, who thought of the idea for our guest of honor and organized the gathering down to a detailed checklist, which included a substantial potluck that would last through the 3 to 4 movie marathon. {We were also thankful for the gorgeous night that appeared after the wicked morning thunderstorm. Now that I think about it, I think the text should really say "Under a Lonely Moon, Friends Gather."}

{Items to Bring + Items Others Brought}
~ FM Stereo
~ Lawn Chairs {with footrest if possible}
~ Table
~ Blanket / Jacket
~ Food / Drinks / Coolers
~ Grill
~ Bug Spray / Citronella Candles
~ Flashlight
~ Trash Bags
~ {What do you bring?}

Plenty of drinks in our makeshift ice tub / baby pool courtesy of the always brilliant Tony P. Before long, the boxes of cupcakes from Muddy's Bake Shop were opened to eager hands. {Felicia won't like that her hand is in the second photo below after describing it as "eager". Sorry Felicia.} I snatched one soon after remembering that Muddy's was closed on my birthday, and standing there weeks later, I had yet to taste the most raved about cupcakes in Memphis. Well, it was devine.

The laidback camp-style setup made us feel closer than friends, really more like a family. {And this was all before the movie started.}

Amy, I hope you are doing well in your new venture. If you're ever craving Muddy's, let us know.


Summer Drive-In
4-screen Malco Theatre
5310 Summer Ave.
Just East of I-240
Memphis, TN 38122
ph +1.901.767.4320 / Web / Showings

Open Friday to Sunday Only from 7pm until. Movies start at dusk.
Admission $7/Adult. Kids FREE

Color film photography /graphics by Sophorn. / FYI: Main feature film we saw was Kick Ass and we loved it.


  1. Fab! Great idea for a wonderful time! LOL at "eager"! I was very eager to get the lemon cupcake. DE-LI-CIOUS! Well done Sophorn! LOVE IT!

  2. Good times. I had more Muddy's last week at another party. Yeah to free Muddy's cupcakes!

  3. I love the coloring in these photographs! What type of film did you use?

  4. Just plain ole Kodak color film ISO 400. Images were then scanned and edited with an Agfa film filter {in photoscape} just a touch. Vignetting a little is also great.


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