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June Rock 'n' Romp at Mud Island River Park

We had already planned on taking Atticus this summer to the Mud Island River Park for his first visit ever, so when Rock 'n' Romp took over the River Park this past weekend, we were there. Thank goodness for the water to entertain the kids and to cool them off, but with Atticus making me tag along with him in the fountains the entire time, I hardly had time to enjoy the live music or my cute little bbq sandwich. This also meant I had plenty of photos of Atticus' sheer happiness playing in the water but no real photos of Rock 'n' Romp. Luckily, board member and photographer Chip Chockley took care of those shots. See them here. {By the way, it was really great to meet Chip, Stacey Greenberg, and Melissa Sweazy in person while we were there.}

The next Rock 'n' Romp is August 21 at the Levitt Shell.

Mud Island River Park
125 North Front Street
Memphis, TN 38103
Ph +1.800.507.6507 or 901.576.7241
Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm.

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Photos and graphic by Sophorn.


  1. All of these are great, the first hill shot is especially brilliant. Love that you turned that mayehm into beautiful geometry!

    Very nice to finally meet you!

  2. Thanks Chip. I was making graphic space but thought it was better without anything added. See you around!

  3. Mud Island is definitely the best free thing in Memphis.


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