Friday, August 13, 2010

Lazy D.I.Y. ~ Wood Block Letter Reuse

I would like to think I'm a Do-It-Yourself type of person, but if one posts a D.I.Y., they would show step by step their own project. Well, this is not one of those posts, and I admit it's lazy and I'm kinda saying to you, "You do it yourself." It's sort of the best I can do now since I'm super tired, and the lack of sleep has invited in a bad cold. Trust me when I have more time, I would make Atticus a storage box with his name on it using the wood block letters I saw at the South Front antique market. See the idea I found via Graphic Exchange below.

South Front Antique Market
374 South Front Street {Downtown}
Memphis, TN 38103
ph +1.901.229.0299 or +1.901.527.0109

Web / Email
{ Store Hours } Tuesday to Saturday ~ 10 am to 4:30 pm

Top photo/graphic by Sophorn. Bottom photos via Graphic Exchange.


medusahead said...

Two peas in a pod - I saw those same letters at South Front and thought oh I should make her name out of these.

And then I remembered I'm tired and lazy and walked away :)

Sophorn said...

Too funny. I also just realized some of the letters may be backwards anyway so unless you had a letters were "palindromes" it could work.

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