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Amber Glass Pendant Light { For Sale }

I found this bubble glass lamp at a vintage store in Memphis in hopes of hanging it in our hallway, but times are especially tough and we are purging and selling as much as we can. This particular lamp was so gorgeous to me even before I noticed that the style of lamp has become a new wish list trend based on the design blogs I read.

I have confirmed that it is not Italian glass but possibly American from the 1970's or 80's. Is is comparably rare to see this lamp as a hanging pendant. See the dimensions below:

14 in. tall
11 in. wide
12 feet of cord along with metal chain
2-prong plug

You can make me an offer before next weekend when it goes on e-bay. I would be so happy to find it a nice new owner locally. Email me with offers or inquiries at sophorn@hotmail.com

Photos by Sophorn.


  1. I think it may still be in storage. are you interested in buying it?


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