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Porta 4 Storage Sneak Peek + Thank You's

Before a week had passed, I wanted to say a few thank you's for making the Adapt-a-Door auction such a success, particularly for my team's piece. In last Saturday's auction, our Porta 4 Storage, I was told, went for $450, the highest of any entry! Although it did not win Best of Show*, I am very honored to say we at least impressed the winning bidder Marty Gorman, a great architect of modern design. Thank you Mr. Marty for continually bidding on our piece.

Thank you also to Susan, who I know based on your nice note on the blog, also tried to win. Thanks to Donna and June at Memphis Heritage for coordinating a great event.

More importantly, I'd like to thank the people who helped complete the piece. My great teammate Joe Yester who designed and built the piece with me. Enduring all the hot, sweaty days in the wood shop and handcarving some of the details was quite an accomplishment. Also for my dad and Christopher, unlisted teammates, I am grateful for your eagerness to help remove the paint and assist in the wood shop. And finally, thank you Atticus for hugging me tightly before I left for long hours at the shop saying "I want to keep you forever" but still letting me go. {That's why I am glad you accompanied me as my "date" for the auction.}

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Stay tuned for the full posting next week "Porta 4 Storage ~ Inside the Design" where we'll show our other design prototypes we studied as well as walk you through the design process. Photo above shows one of our favorite details ~ the magazine slots.

*Congrats to Askew Nixon Ferguson for winning Best of Show with their guitar "Door Jam". Photos by Sophorn.

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