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Melissa Sweazy Photography ~ A Cinematic Eye

This inspirational set of images by photographer/writer Melissa Sweazy is a great example of capturing moments with a cinematic eye. They're ones I've collected for a semi film/photography idea that's a collaboration with another photographer, S Julian. Sharing these photos with another great photographer is in and of itself a huge compliment, but I still must point out how Melissa's work stands out in my mind. Alongside her obvious talent of capturing real moments like scenes from a movie, translating from her background in filmmaking, Melissa's images are visually minimal yet full of spirit. I'm completely entranced.

Melissa Sweazy

Photos by Melissa Sweazy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This was a wonderful way to start my morning. Thanks so much for this!

  2. That's my homegirl! So much talent that it causes parts of her body to swell.

  3. More talent than this blog can hold. Loving your blog Melissa. I tell everyone they need to check it out for beautiful and hilarious posts.


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