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Rock for Love Q+A ~ Glorie

Today I’d like to welcome new band Glorie, one of the bands performing at this year’s Rock for Love benefit concert for the Church Health Center, which kicks off tonight, 9pm at the Hi-Tone. Glorie is made up of members Jason Paxton, Jeff Hulett, Jonathan Kirksey, Rob Brimhall, and Andrew Saunders. They rock out tomorrow night at the Hi-Tone. Below is a Q+A with Glorie’s creator Jason, Glorie’s multi-instrumentalist Jonathan, and Glorie’s bass player and one of the RFL coordinators Jeff Hulett.

Tell us about the start-up of Glorie. How did you get everyone together and choose the type of music to play?
Jason: I took a break from music for quite a number of years and went back to school. About 2 years ago I felt a need to start playing and writing music again seriously. I really wanted to create something unique instrumentally. Instrumental music is such a broad area of music that tends to not get explored a whole lot. It's very open. After writing a few songs and purchasing a vibraphone I recruited some friends that I used to play with in Delorean , Rob Brimhall and Andy Saunders as well as recruiting the very talented multi-instrumentalists Jeff Hulett and Jonathan Kirkscey.
Jonathan: Jason Paxton wrote the songs and then put the band together, so the music was already written when we got together.
Jeff: New Year’s Day 2009 Jason Paxton calls me out of the blue and asks if I want to play bass. I say well you know I play drums mostly right? He says, I just want to play with some people that are laid back and want to have fun. The next thing I know I’m learning bass parts and collaborating with a lot of people I’d never met. We played our first show last October and haven’t looked back. We’re having fun and creating some interesting music along the way.

I like how you don’t categorize yourself in any genre. Can you explain any definites about Glorie’s identity?
Jason: Glorie is all instrumental music. It's pretty moody introspective stuff that still brings the rock. We incorporate a broad range of instruments such as strings, pianos and vibraphone as well as your standard rock instruments.
Jonathan: It's all instrumental-guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vibraphone, and cello.
Jeff: It’s all instrumental and the way I describe it is that it’s music you might hear in a movie. Soundtrack music if you will.

How is your new album coming along? When will it be released?
Jason: New album is coming along great. It's been alot of work. Should be out in the spring.
Jonathan: We're mixing the album right now so it should be released maybe next spring.
Jeff: Jason and Andy are mixing the record as we speak in Dallas, Texas with Stuart Sikes. Should be released on Vinyl early 2011.

Are any Glorie band members in any other bands? Jeff, Is it true you currently are in 3 bands: you play drums for Snowglobe, sing lead and play guitar for Jeffrey James and the Haul, and now play bass for Glorie?
Jason: I don't play in any other bands currently. This is it. I used to play in a few bands back in the day, The Satyrs, Delorean and The Bloodthirsty Lovers
Jonathan: I play with Mouserocket, String Theory, Rob Jungklas, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and sometimes Harlan T. Bobo.
Jeff: This is true, although the most active out of the three lately has been Glorie. Snowglobe is working on a full-length movie in whatever time we can find and Jeffrey James & the Haul is working on some new material at the moment. Andy is in a band called Frasier and Jonathan plays with Mouserocket, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and Harlan T. Bobo.

What can we expect out of your live show at RFL 4?
Jason: Pure Rock to Kick you in your face
Jeff: A condensed version of our set but a powerful one. You just got to come and find out.

What bands are you personally excited about seeing?
Jason: So many good bands playing. The Magic Kids if I had to name one.
Jeff: Personally, I’m psyched about seeing Star & Micey on Thursday, August 19th. They’re super fun and get the crowd involved. Also, I’m pumped about Lucero. It’s going to be a real treat to see them play a show for charity in their hometown. They only play here a few times a year now since they’ve gotten so big. Even though the show will be packed it will still have an intimate feel if that makes sense.

Jeff about Rock for Love 4

How did you work to make RFL 4 different from previous years?
We added a singer-songwriter night, a rock n roll bicycle ride and took our auction online. Check it out at auction.infolexa.com – tons of great stuff on the cheap and all proceeds benefit the CHC.

You’ve got some great local bands known nationally such as Lucero and Amy Lavere. Has that gotten RFL4 any national attention? None that I know of but locally people seem to be pretty excited.

Is this RFL event the Church Health Center’s main fundraiser?
Our main fundraising event is our annual Race for Grace 5k but Rock for Love is definitely growing and helping us introduce our work and mission to a younger audience.

With the auction online, can people see any of items in person at the event like last year?
We won’t have any items in person at the shows because we want all the room at the Hi-Tone to be filled with people but I implore you to go online and check it out. auction.infolexa.com

What items will be for sale to benefit CHC?
We will be selling Rock for Love t-shirts and posters both designed by Sasha Barr, This is the New Year. We will also be selling Makeshift Music items including Makeshift #5, a compilation made up of tons of great local bands and musicians.

Thanks Jason, Jonathan, and Jeff!
Make sure to catch them Friday night at the Hi-Tone to help benefit the Church Health Center.

Tonight's Line-up / Thursday / August 19 /The Hi Tone
$5 / 9 pm / 18+
~ Star & Micey
~ Holly Cole & the Memphis Dawls
~ Teflon Don
~ The Candy Company

Visit Glorie on MySpace /glorierock
Photo by Mike Brown courtesy of Glorie. / Rock 4 Love Graphic by Sasha Barr. / Graphic header label by Sophorn.

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