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Critterbug & Cricket / Part 2 / Business Cards

The image above is where we left off last time with the Critterbug & Cricket logo development. The reddish orange is adjusted to more orange, and the size shown is a standard business card. Since we are thinking of the business cards to double as product tags, we are also looking at half-size minicards offered by moo cards. The series below just shows an evolution of the design. I mark my favorites with an asterick*

/// Logo Side ~ Option No. / Notes

Option 1 /Uses color to define girls/ladies vs. boys/guys and the preferred symbol, the ampersand.

Option 1a / Blends the official website name with the previous logo.

Option 1b / Strips the logo down to the mark knowing the company name and info will be on the opposite side.

Option 1c* / Reformats Option 1a and adds a company tag line.

Option 2a / One of the earlier explorations where the logo looks abstractly like embroidered or applique text.

Option 2b* / Keeps the color down to 2 by making the ampersand background blend the 2 colors. Can also include the tag line as shown in 2a.

Option 3a / Reintroducing the cartooned kids (the company's namesakes) with the blended color.

Option 3b* / Reformatting the kids and keeping the company name together. Company name graphic can be replaced with any of the other options already shown above.

/// Company Info Side
Option 4a / Minimizes the text by not repeating critterbugandcricket in the web address and email. Adds a border of the blended colors.

Option 4b / Adds a larger presence of the blended colors like a tag.

Option 4c / Uses the blended colors for the entire background for complete contrast of the logo side.

Option 5a* / A clean black and white version that can work for both sizes.

Option 5b* / Uses the blended colored border around the entire card and also can work for both sizes.


Thanks Tricia for patiently having me design these for you.

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