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Shop Whole Foods 5% Day to Support Habitat for Hope

Tomorrow / Tuesday, September 14 /8am to 10pm / Shop Whole Foods Poplar near Mendenhall

Whole Foods is donating 5% of their net proceeds from the day's sales to an organization close to my heart ~ Habitat for Hope, so stock up. There will be live music and cooking demonstrations from local chefs as well. Don't forget that Whole Foods has a great hot food bar, salad bar, and bakery. Read more about the mission of Habitat for Hope here.

Final Save the Date graphic above by Sophorn.


  1. Hey! Does the frequency of updating your website depend on some thing or you work on articles when you have an inspiration or spare time? Can't wait to see your answer.

  2. Hi there, I honestly think it depends on all those things. time sensitive things I feel passionate about and what may bring in more work. The more work I've gained from the blog though means less time to blog. Thanks for reading!


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