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Habitat for Hope / T-Shirt Design / Test 1

Option 1 / Front and back layouts / This graphic rethinks the existing Habitat for Hope t-shirt phrase "Think Hope" to work consistently with the new brochure design. This design works for men, women, and kids' shirts. Instead of a green shirt, the brown like in the brochure background color complements the green blade. I also personally would love to own a brown t-shirt.


Option 2 / Front and back layouts / The blade is placed differently and makes a turn so Hope can be read easier. The overall phrase is then "Think Hope. Find Hope. Find Habitat for Hope."


The front layout of the kid's version-only option is a rough idea that tries to understand the mission behind Habitat for Hope to uplift kids in serious illness and help them enjoy being a kid. I am not completely set on the phrase "Hope is Here" but the back of the shirt would just have the HFH logo in white. If further developed, green would somehow be incorporated in the bouncy " O". If I had more time to develop other designs, it would look at more illustrated and detailed options inspired by the fun, clever kid's shirts at Threadless.


  1. Ok, you realize that we're having a contest for the design of next season's Rock-n-Romp shirt, right?

  2. Yes, but only if I can fit it in my schedule. I have a great photo of atticus showing off his RnR robot shirt and I'll mention the contest in that post though.


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