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Last weekend Atticus and I had a couple of spills. The photo above is actually the second spill, showing Atticus’ red cherry snow cone {photo in color just looked a gross bloody mess but you still get the idea}. The photo would have been better if it showed the snow cone toppled over but in fear of losing more than we had to and of seeing Atticus burst in tears, I quickly picked it up then took the photo later. Atticus did not burst into tears but was quiet not knowing how to react. Luckily, his good friends helped ease the mood and absolutely went hysterical with watching the mess spread. Laughter really did make it all ok.

The first spill was during our ride on his razor scooter where I lost control and couldn’t stop properly. Atticus cried dramatically over 3 really small scrapes, and I made sure it was really only those 3 scrapes before I looked at myself. My face hit the sidewalk and my cheek was really hurting. I asked Atticus to take a look. The dialogue that followed reminded me of Chris Farley and David Spade in “Tommy Boy.” The only thing I didn’t say was “Not so much here but right over here.” When I got to a mirror and saw the quarter-size scrape that Atticus “didn’t see,” I just had to laugh.

Hope your weekend is full of laughter.

As a side note, this blog has been a blessing by bringing in some paying graphic design work. I will be focusing on those projects and hopefully show those examples soon. Other fun postings will fill in when I have time. Thank you to my new clients!

Photos by Sophorn. Taken at the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival.

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