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Currently Snacking ~ The Peanut Shoppe Sneak Peek

Just a short walk down Main Street from my office is The Peanut Shoppe. James, a coworker, and I are currently snacking on the fresh roasted peanuts and salted Hawaiian mix. Here's just one sneak photo for today. Owner Ridda was so kind to show me the antique roaster and how the peanuts are poured in and taken out just for the photos. If you're thinking about a mid-afternoon snack, they have candy and popcorn too.

The Peanut Shoppe
24 South Main Street Near Monroe
Memphis, TN
ph +1.901.525.1115

Photo by Sophorn.


  1. Hi Sophorn, I was looking at my niece's class pictures and info today, and noticed that your son is in her class. Elaine Vining...that's my oldest brother's daughter. Small world!

  2. Yes they are in the same class. I haven't met her dad yet. i'll mention you if I do.


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