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Architecture Remix No. 2 ~ Tabor Orthopedics

This Friday's Remix Features
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Tabor Orthopedics / archimania / unknown / The original building was built and occupied by an insurance company in the 1980's.  The photo below shows the original entrance design where the use of metal seems timid in contrast to the bold form in which archimania uses the metal, forming a new drop-off entry canopy.  The ulta-sleek interior gives remarkable attention to the ceiling and lighting design - something rarely seen in most interior spaces. The program now holds a medical clinic and offices as shown in the floor plan diagram. I'm proud to say that this award-winning renovation is a Memphis project designed by a Memphis firm. 

Roxanne / DiscoTech / The Police / The idea for the correlating remix was to find a song from the 1980's or by an '80's band remixed by a current musician. The folks at archimania, who are big music fans by the way, gave some great suggestions and helped vote for the remix for this project.  Tim, one of the architects, thought as I had initially that it should be a Milli Vanilli song remixed, "making something out of something it is not," but unfortunately the remix did not fit the more important criteria that it be a great song / "ear treasure."  Roxanne is probably the most enjoyable and dance-able remix we could find. Plus, Matt, another archimania architect, described the song lyrics as fitting since "Sting is asking her to rehab her life - like you would rehab a knee at an orthopedic place." Ok, I'll buy that. Other options with votes were "Close to Me (Closet Remix)" by The Cure, "Shake the Disease (Tiga Remix) and "Enjoy the Silence (Evan Pearson Remix) both by Depeche Mode.

Above images copyright Jeffrey Jacobs. All rights reserved. Signage design by Michael Carpenter of Switch Creative. Images below via archimania. Special thanks to Christopher.

I'll still say have a good weekend but I'll be posting more today and over the weekend. Visit again before Monday if you have time.

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