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More Design and Architecture { Austin / Part 5 }

In the previous Austin post, I was singularly noting the great design and architecture of the Hotel San Jose in the South Congress area, sometimes seen abbreviated to SoCo. The set of photos in this post will prove Austin's great design extends through the core of the city from the detailed to the grand scale. The facade of the South Congress Cafe had subtle yet intriguing design elements. Why and how did the glass storefront angle back as it disappeared above? How was the concrete awning formed and supported so gracefully? It truly made us marvel. I just regret not taking a look inside.

In the grand city design, Congress Avenue directs the view towards the city's centerpoint ~ the State Capitol Building, which is also in viewing line with the University of Texas Austin Hall tower, another significant vertical landmark downtown. As we made our way through the shaded promenades, past the richly ornate campus buildings, we met urban retail spaces along the campus edge where we did our best to support some local businesses by grabbing a few t-shirts from a local favorite Tyler's.

The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" is primarily used to promote the small business economy but the way I see it, it can only mean uniquely cool design and architecture.

Black & white Ilford film, Holga and Kodak color film, Nikon photos by Sophorn.

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