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Figuring Out My Memphis Style

My style tends to lean towards the architecture stereotype of all black, although I must defend that it's because I focus more on the form, silhouette, details and construction.  I also lovingly relate the outfits from Morrison above with a New York or urban look, then I wondered what looks relate to Memphis.  I'm still figuring it out but the more daring outfits below from Gorman are ones I would immediately try out from the inspiration I've seen at music shows and festivals in Memphis including the South Main Trolley tour which is happening for this month tonight.  It has become a place to be seen, as essentially you are adding your own creativity to the art scene through your fashion, and just like the art, the outfits play with plenty of color and patterns. I might see you there.

Side Notes
~ Make sure to stop by the AIA Memphis office tonight at 511 South Main for an opening reception featuring photo realistic drawings by U of M Architecture students.
~ Speaking of mixing colors and patterns, U of M Architecture Professor Kara Pegg has passionately documented her quest to be anti-all black in her fashion blog Unusual Form.

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