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Tasted ~ Caritas Village

We would have never eaten at Caritas Village if we had not received so many strong recommendations to try it out.  The community center and cafe/restaurant is located in a part of town we've never been and in a brick box building that I was almost unconvinced was the right place if it hadn't been for the sign. After reading their mission statement of breaking barriers between races and the rich and poor by providing a place they could break bread together, it was clear the location choice was an admirable one. 

After going through a small entrance corridor, the dining and lounge became much more open and welcoming.  Finding the menu and ordering counter was the first priority but soon after Atticus found the kid's play area with a variety of toys, puzzles and books.  Although the wait for our food wasn't long, it was nice to keep him occupied as I took photos, especially of the 60's style hot pink chairs. 

Here's what we tasted below with our favorites with an asterick*.
~ {Christopher} California Panini, a popular menu item, with soup of the day and hot tea.
~ {Sophorn} Southwestern Burger* with chips and Chai Latte*
~ {Atticus} PB & J with chips and chocolate chip cookie*

While Atticus made new friends at the kid's play table, Christopher and I enjoyed the hot tea and chai latte on the couch within view of Atticus.  Before we knew it, two hours had passed plus ten or so minutes trying to convince Atticus to leave.  Part of the negotiation was promising him we'd be back soon, which was by no means a lie.

Caritas Village
2509 Harvard Ave
Memphis, TN 38112
ph 1.901.327.5246

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Photos by Sophorn.

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