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Ahh, busy. Such a welcoming word.  A few things have kept me busy the past week. First, I'm photo documenting urban art projects for the Urban Art Commission along with other great Memphis photographers. The first photo of Tom Lee Memorial will probably not be used in the Urban Art Commission website but the little girl "hanging on" to that piece of history was perfect for the MemphIS presentation I created for the AIA TN convention.  The next few images are the actual slides from the presentation that represent best the image we are trying to convey. The final MemphIS logo is shown over Memphian Sean Davis' photo of karaoke night at the P&H.

Thanks to Sean Davis for lending use of the photo and others in the slideshow (Thanks to Amanda Raney and Amy Dale for contributing as well).  The aerial photo whose source I'm still tracking down is the very photo that lured me to move to Memphis eight years ago.


  1. LOVE the photo of the little girl 'hanging on' to the Tom Lee monument - my husband, David, was the sculptor. I would like to include this photo in our portfolio - as it sums up the warm reception that Memphis has given this sculpture. Can you tell me the name of the photographer? (It's not clear from your post if it's Sean Davis, or Amanda Raney or Amy Dale) Thanks - MJC

  2. That photo is by me, Sophorn. Let me know what you need. thanks!


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