Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Crave ~ Grilled Chicken Pita at Parkway Grill

The grill tucked inside the corner convenient store on East Parkway and Central offers so many great menu items, but their grilled chicken pita calls me every time. The pita bread is grilled to a buttery crisp to hold the dressings such as lettuce and tomato, but yes, it's the seasoned grilled chicken that makes the sandwich irresistable.

Parkway Grill
711 E Parkway S
Memphis, TN 38104

Film photos by Sophorn 

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emily said...

I had no idea there was a grill in there! 1) looks amazing 2) sometimes I need a break from kwik check gyros although I still crave hot pita 3) so so close to me!! thanks for sharing

Sophorn said...

yep, you probably won't be disappointed with trying anything they have including the veggie burger.

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