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Sunday Brunch at Three Angels Diner

I've been to Three Angels Diner for a great lunch and dinner before but for the first time yesterday, tried their brunch menu.  We usually like to split dishes when eating out, but the three of us found something different we didn't want to pass up.  

Here's what we tasted below:
{Atticus} Diner French Toast ~ Peanut butter Banana Nutella stuffed ciabatta bread with powdered sugar and maple syrup
{Christopher} Tato Cakes ~ 3 potato onion cakes, house made applesauce, bacon, and sour cream
{Sophorn} The Kitchen Sink ~  Beef brisket hash, home made sausage, bacon, garlic cheese grits, flat top potatoes, cheese, topped with 2 fried eggs, and house made salsa  

All three dishes were well prepared combining the ingredients as good as it sounded when we read it off the menu.  "Atticus, do you want the French Toast with peanut butter banana Nutella..." "Yes" was the no-brainer response he interjected before I finished reading.  I was impressed they served the potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream, a favorite combination I create at home. I wanted several items on the menu so instead of deciding on just one, I ordered the "The Kitchen Sink," which made the choice easy.  I think the server was surprised I ordered it as she set down the heaping plate in front of me.  It was easily the best breakfast platter I've had out or at home.

From the photos, you will also see that the colorful chairs and walls made a great backdrop to the kid friendly restaurant. We sat right next to the pinball machine that kept Atticus occupied as we waited for our food, so next time we'll make sure to bring more quarters.

Three Angels Diner
2617 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN

Brunch 11am to 5 pm
Closed Mondays

Photos by Sophorn


  1. Oh my gosh, that all looks incredible! Your pictures just pop with color, and make my mouth water. I'm a vegetarian, but I think I could be converted by that hash.

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