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Tasted ~ Asian Palace

The official first time we tried Asian Palace I regretfully didn’t bring a camera. It was the archimania office birthday lunch for Mr. Pang at his favorite Chinese restaurant in Memphis. I sort of felt out of the loop as I noticed a majority of the customers were Asian.

Our second visit with my parents over the weekend tried to recreate that lunch order as best as possible. We arrived starving so we were thrilled the carts of dim sum and soups came as soon as we were seated. This ordering without needing to look at the menu is also why I don’t have all the dishes properly labeled. I can assure you that everything we tried was worth ordering again. Below is a descriptive list of what we ordered corresponding with the photos. Favorites marked with an asterick*

~Hot Tea*
~Chicken feet: My parents enjoyed this dish and even ordered more to take home. I passed this time.
~Rice Soup: With bits of chicken, boiled egg, and other items I enjoyed but couldn’t identify.
~Shrimp in Noodle or Chee Cheong Fun* and Beef in Noodle* {not pictured}
~Sauteed Greens
~Sweet Bun stuffed with barbecue pork*
~Combination Fried Rice cooked without soy sauce, combination meaning pork, Chinese sausage, and shrimp.
~Pork and Shrimp Sil Myl*
~Banana Mango Smoothie* from a very large selection of flavors

Asian Palace
Near Summer Drive-In
5266 Summer
Memphis, TN
Ph +1.901.766-0831

Cart Service only on weekends.

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Photos by Sophorn

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  1. I absolutely love this place. The Sum Choy is so good, I'm going to try to grow some in the garden this year.


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