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Collages by Arian Behzadi {Album Cover Inspiration}

I fortunately stumbled upon these collage illustrations by Arian Behzadi as I was trying to decide whether learning to do brush strokes on the computer was better than just creating real art and photographing it. The technique, colors, and layering yet clean look was exactly the inspiration I needed getting into the album cover design for Tristan Clopet. Tristan sent an album cover he liked that reminded me somewhat of Arian's work. Since the concept of the album is almost psychoanalytic it was interesting that Arian's work looks like it evolved from the inkblot idea and that he studies Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. Asking him whether he creates these collages to sell, I was surprised he started making them just for other people's enjoyment. After being published in a few magazines, he has gratefully received freelance work requests. See more of his work here.

Images used by permission. All Rights Reserved.

If you haven't seen the single cover art for Tristan Clopet I completed earlier this month, see below. Stay tuned for his full length album "Name it What You Want" out May 31 and my interview with Tristan soon on the blog.

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