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Behind the Scenes ~ Cirque du Soleil "Alegria"

I was fortunate enough to get behind the scenes access to Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegria” to see the rehearsals and learn about the work involved in such a show. The elaborate costumes and make-up were only in support of the incredible talent of these performers. The elaborate set made up of hidden trampolines, spinning raised floor, and trapeze sets took over ten hours to set up. The make-up that the performers learn to put on themselves takes a couple of hours to apply. Even though I did see the rehearsals, the same act that night with the stage, costumes, and make-up made the experience astonishing. Atticus laughed hysterically at the clowns but by the end of the show could not pick one favorite performance. They were all incredible. Christopher and I both agreed though that the contortionists were the most unbelievable, not just their extent of their flexibility but the perfectly synced and flawless performance. / The show is currently at the DeSoto Civic Center until May 1. Read Stacey Greenberg's review here.

Special thanks to Kerri Guyton and Genevieve.

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