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Tasted ~ Memphis Food Truck Fare

I was late to the "party" and am late blogging about the event, which I hear was at least a whopping 800 person turn-out, but maybe I'm the first to blog that the food truck ordinance, loosening restrictions on food trucks, has passed! The third reading of the ordinance was held yesterday afternoon and with the unanimous vote can now become law. Thanks Memphis for showing your support!

The Food The things we were lucky enough to order just before the event closed were both from the Fuel Cafe truck. We tasted the vegetarian tacos and veggie burger just because the ran out of the other things, but after devouring them, I would very likely go straight to the vegetarian options if given the choice.

More Thanks The food truck fare was brought together by the newly formed group headed by Mary Cashiola called Beyond Barbecue. Read more here. Thanks to the Center City Commission for hosting the event. Thanks to the participating food trucks ~ Fuel Cafe, Yolo, Square Meals on Wheels, Crepe Maker, Scooter's Barbecue, and Kona Ice. Thanks to the lovely lady who let me photograph her food and her cute outfit. And thanks again Memphis.

Photos by Sophorn. Logo by Sophorn. {Sorry, logo could have been better. Maybe I'll revise for the next fare.}


  1. Awesome! This makes me so happy, 800 is a pretty astounding Memphis turn-out. I definitely hope to see this movement take off.

  2. Way to Go Memphis! Food was amazing, at least what I ate- FUEL Veggie Burger + taste of Veggie Taco. I was late, so crowds had mostly dissipated, but the vibe at Court Square was still happening. Really cool lunch break. Hope to make this a more regular thing. Thanks Mary Cashiola for getting this (Beyond Barbeque) up and running. Good Job. Wonderful photos Sophorn. Your picture of the Tacos is making me hungry all over again.

  3. Nice Photos and recap! There are 2 large Food Truck events coming up in the next week here in Orlando, along with 2 weekly food pods. How was the Food Truck Fare overall?

  4. It was overwhelmingly successful. It definitely got plenty of press and general excitement.


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