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Tasted ~ Mosa Asian Bistro with Irina McGuire

Calculating that Mosa Asian Bistro has been serving Memphis for over ten years and I’ve been in Memphis eight of those, I have regretfully missed out on 2,920 days I could have eaten there. I truly wish I had tried Mosa so much sooner than my first time last week. With so many great choices in Memphis and one’s natural tendency to frequent only a handful of restaurants, the choice to venture out is rare. Mosa was definitely worth my time to venture outside of my usual choices.

Accompanying me for this first tasting was the lovely Irina McGuire, graphic designer and web developer for St. Jude, who I first knew as the founder of Totally Memphis magazine. You’ve probably seen her behind the camera at almost every social Memphis event last year, but as a busy wife and mother, Irina placed the magazine on hold. Definitely something to be admired. With time and quality held to the highest priority, we both agreed our social and family life should focus only on the best that Memphis has to offer, which is particularly why we were delighted to have tried such a grand selection of delicious Asian fusion cuisine without a long wait.

See what we tasted below with descriptions by Mosa co-owner Michelle Pao. The favorites to try again and again are marked with an asterick*

*Salmon Teriyaki Roll: Jumbo Roll with fully cooked salmon teriyaki with jasmine rice, julienned Japanese cucumber, sliced carrots and avocado, served with Eddie's homemade Asian aioli sauce.

Pan- Seared Potsticker: Traditional Chinese dumpling stuffed with marinated chicken, vegetables, scallions and ginger, served with a soy-ginger dipping sauce.

*Thai Rainbow Panang with Grouper: A signature Thai curry dish made with lemongrass, lime leaves, panang curry, coconut milk, served over a medley of sliced zucchini, snap peas, baby corn, mushrooms, and carrots. In your case, I believe you had it with the grouper but it can also be made with chicken, shrimp or tofu, served with white or brown steam rice and made mild, medium, or spicy, Flavorful, sweet, and savory!

Korean BBQ Beef: Also known as "Bulgogi" it is a staple Korean dish that is made in this case with tender marinated sliced beef flank steak, sautéed in our original bulgogi sauce, served with sliced button mushrooms and scallion strips, served with crispy chow mein noodles, accompanied with white or brown steam rice and made mild medium or spicy.

*Mrs. Pao's Homemade Cupcakes! Made in her own pastry kitchen onsite at the White Station location, she makes (all by herself) a variety of delicious standard size cupcakes ranging from her signature Fresh Strawberry with Strawberry Cream Cheese (she uses a an entire pint of strawberries just in one batch), Chocolate Chip with Strawberry Cream Cheese, Chocolate Chip with Mint Cream Cheese, Red velvet with Vanilla Almond Cream Cheese, Strawberry with Mocha Chocolate Cream Cheese, and my favorite, her Banana Coconut with Pineapple Cream Cheese.

Thanks so much everyone at Mosa, Kristen Waddell, and Irina McGuire for a great meal.

This month, Mosa is co-sponsoring with Service Master and Make-A-Wish a fundraiser from March 8th - 16th. When families and friends of Service Master employees dine in or take out anytime during that week, Mosa will donate 15% to Make-A-Wish. Anyone can participate.

Mosa Asian Bistro
850 White Station
1825 Kirby Parkway
Memphis, TN

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Photos by Sophorn.

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