Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Memphis Food Truck Fare and New Food Truck Alliance

It was a truly gorgeous day in Court Square downtown for the second Food Truck Fare and first Food Truck Rodeo as the new Memphis Food Truck Alliance noted. The crowd and long lines were unbelievable but I was lucky enough to catch Scratch food truck just as they gave out their last bit of hearty gumbo. I also caught up with people at one of the more popular trucks Revival who told me that the Cheerwine drink was a must.

The next "rodeo" is June 17th. Keep up with the Memphis Food Truck Alliance here. And yes, I love food trucks. It was definitely not a staged photo of me happily getting my food from Revival in the latest Memphis Magazine issue. I didn't even realize Justin was pointing the camera at me. Read their full article here.

Photos and logo/graphics by Sophorn.

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Love the blog! I'm a new Memphis resident and blogger, and I'm looking forward to following you! :)

Randy Travis said...

One of the awesome information about the Memphis Food Truck Fare and New Food Truck Alliance.Thanks for your great information about it.

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