Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Memphis Food Truck Fare and New Food Truck Alliance

It was a truly gorgeous day in Court Square downtown for the second Food Truck Fare and first Food Truck Rodeo as the new Memphis Food Truck Alliance noted. The crowd and long lines were unbelievable but I was lucky enough to catch Scratch food truck just as they gave out their last bit of hearty gumbo. I also caught up with people at one of the more popular trucks Revival who told me that the Cheerwine drink was a must.

The next "rodeo" is June 17th. Keep up with the Memphis Food Truck Alliance here. And yes, I love food trucks. It was definitely not a staged photo of me happily getting my food from Revival in the latest Memphis Magazine issue. I didn't even realize Justin was pointing the camera at me. Read their full article here.

Photos and logo/graphics by Sophorn.

Monday, June 11, 2012

La Sardina Camera Test Results & Giveaway

Why is film so romantic?
The romantic side of film photography begins with knowing that one's documentation of the physical world is created with a physical change, a chemical reaction triggered by light. When one falls in love, chemical reactions take place producing a feeling of bliss and excitement. Very often these two experiences collide as one finally sees the image created from the simple click of the shutter. Lomography appropriately calls it "analogue love." And now with the adorable La Sardina film camera series from Lomography, it will be hard not to fall in love with film.

Giveaway Details
For a chance to win a La Sardina of your own, simply "Like" Lomography on Facebook if you're not a fan already and make a comment on this post stating what you love about the camera along with your email address. One winner will be randomly selected by next Monday, June 18, 2012 at 10:00 pm Central Time. The winner will have the choice of the La Sardina Domino or Mobius design. The camera includes a nice accordian photo album and handy book with everything you need to know to use the camera and be inspired. Good luck.

Congrats to comment #9 - Amanda Raney. I'll email you to get more info. / Number was randomly selected using See the screen shot below.

First, have a look at the La Sardina Domino camera I got to test along with some of my favorite shots I've taken the past few weeks with my La Sardina categorized by film type and some useful information about the camera.

The camera is named after its sardine can shape, a shape that is shared by its ancestor, a vintage and rare 1930's camera by the Irwin Corporation. Lomography brought back this simple design giving it flare with bold patterns and bright colors. Read more of the history and photos of the 1930's camera here.

Film Type: Standard 35mm (135) roll film
Exposure area: 36 x 24mm
Lens focal length: 22 mm
Aperture: 1:8 Angle of view: 88 degrees
Focusing range: 0.6m - infinity
Shutter speed: N (1/100), B (bulb)
Multiple exposure: independent MX switch
Flash contact: Unique Sardina flash contact
Flash Sync: first curtain X-type synchronization
Tripod socket thread: Standard ¼” tripod socket
Cable release: Universal cable release socket


First Test Roll - Lomography Color Negative 100

Second Test Roll - Lomography Black and White Lady Grey 400

Third and Fourth Test Rolls - Lomography Color X-Pro Chrome 100


Since Lomography has compiled an excellent guide to the camera with tips and tricks here, I'll only share a few I had to make note of frequently.
-Make sure the lens is pulled out to read the words "Only Shoot If You Can Read Me". The word "You" should be in the very top/middle when you look down at the camera. I kept the lens extended here.
-For the night shots using the bulb settings, I held the shutter down for around 3-4 seconds. The camera was always on a tripod.
-Always silly for me to forget this but important nonetheless - remember to take off the lens cap. -Multiple exposures take a lot of practice and mostly luck. Just keep trying and experimenting.

Now go and discover your joy.

Thanks to Dirk Olsen for the portraits of me and my Sardina. Special Thanks to Cameron at Lomography for helping coordinate the camera giveaway. And a big thank you to Lomography!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thai Bistro {Sneak Peek}

Some great restaurants move from downtown to out east (sadly) and some like Thai Bistro start out east and add a second location downtown. Brilliant. I can say that proudly since the owners are Cambodian. They've really revamped their part of downtown. Here's a sneak peek of my dinner with my friend Tia and Atticus. Guess what I'm craving now.

Thai Bistro and Sushi
148 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38103

Photos by Sophorn. Lighting assistant: Atticus.
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