Monday, July 30, 2012

Infographic Inspiration [ A PhD in Facial Hair ]

When Peter Kim asked me for feedback on his team's infographic created from their research on beards and the psychology of beards, I was instantly intrigued. "I love graphics, psychology, and beards for that matter," I replied. The execution was too good not to share. Plus, the humor of the unexpected commentary on embracing the beard will brighten up your Monday. I've already shown it as inspiration for my next infographic project. Thanks to Peter for sending this link.

A PhD in Facial Hair
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Singapore Part II { Seah Street }

Seah Street is considered part of an arts and design district in Singapore with the famous Raffles Hotel nearby, which will probably be its own post later. Of course, any great arts district includes great shops and plenty of restaurants to sample the traditional Singaporean lunch. Our delicious street-side patio lunch consisted of Hainanese Chicken rice both steamed and roasted chicken, complimentary clear soup, stir fry water spinach, and fried tofu topped with roasted peanuts and sweet chili sauce.

Foundry is a modern furniture and decor shop filled with every design object I wanted to take home.

Photos by Sophorn.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tasted { Toast Box - Singapore Part I }

Before my trip to Cambodia, my dad and I took the opportunity to swing by and see my brother John in Singapore. I was in design and foodie heaven. Here's one of the restaurants well known in Singapore called Toast Box. We had the traditional breakfast which consisted of the local coffee Kopi O, Kaya toast with coconut jam and butter, and soft boiled eggs with soy sauce and black pepper. The meal was as simple and soothing as the calm white interior. One of my favorite places. More photos from the 4 days in Singapore to come.

Photos/graphics by Sophorn.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back from Cambodia

When all feels empty, just take a different look. 
Smiles, laughter, and genuine joy, are able to cross all language barriers and fill any emptiness inside. Returning back from my first mission trip to my country of birth, I will never forget the Cambodian people and their unbroken spirit. Our leading pastor reminded us that Jesus was already in Cambodia. We were just meeting him there. And after traveling for almost three weeks with the great people in the mission team, we became like family.

Thanks to my dad for encouraging me to take this mission with him, and thanks to Pastor Chamron for leading this incredible trip. More photos to come. Which definitely means food photos too because nothing fills that emptiness like enjoying a meal with new friends and family.

Photos/layout by Sophorn. Special thanks to Dirk for lending me a great camera for the few weeks.
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