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Lunch at Local, Overton Square with Amanda Hill

The midtown location of Local Gastropub can be considered one of the pioneer restaurants in the recent revival of Overton Square. The two-story building on the corner of Cooper and Madison was renovated from once a very inward functioning bar to a beautifully designed restaurant and lounge with engaging views to the new bustle of the theater arts district.

It's been awhile since I've done this lunch series with another photographer to help document the food and to also document me with the food, so it was such a pleasure to meet up with Amanda Hill with her camera in hand. Also as social media coordinator for the Choose 901 campaign, Amanda was able to immediately suggest the perfect local lunch spot. Literally, it was Local.

Talk about engaging views! Our table by the window in the casual upstairs lounge had a spectacular view of Overton Square, where we pointed out to other various favorite spots of ours. Listening to Amanda talk about those places and other local spots, I could tell she really did love Memphis.

And though the amazing space and location of Local obviously hit high marks, the food is what will keep people coming back.  The menu options are one of the most creative in town - lunch, dinner, or brunch. Creativity without compromising taste - holding the reputation of the gastropub at its highest.

(I also had the pleasure of watching Amanda in action on a photo shoot for Alexandra Nicole's designer line Ellen Anchor recently. See more of her lovely work on this Style Sessions.)

Side note: Amanda and I discussed how time consuming editing photos can be, so to speed up blog time, I decided to try to get it right in camera ready to post much sooner. well, 3 months later instead of 4 months later :)

Photos and graphics by Sophorn except watermarked as Amanda Hill, AM Photography.

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  1. I enjoyed lunch with you lovely! Can't wait to do it again :)


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