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Tasted { Cafe Keough }

I've tasted Cafe Keough quite a few times since they opened downtown several months ago. Partly because they are just a couple blocks from the LRK office, but mostly because the great food and atmosphere makes me think for a moment that I'm in a quaint cafe somewhere in France. Cafe Keough was a name I made sure to pronounce correctly (pronounced key-oh) since I knew I would frequently mention it in conversations. 

"A good place to eat lunch?"  
"Cafe Keough is a must," I'd reply.

"Breakfast downtown?"
"Cafe Keough." 

"Any cool places in Memphis?"
"Cafe Keough. For lunch, breakfast, coffee or espresso. Or if you just want a lovely place to be, go there."

Speaking of great conversations, I should thank a sweet friend Melissa Sweazy for suggesting we meet for lunch there for my first visit. Significantly, the built-in furniture including the bar and decorative column capitals was the fine handiwork of her husband Caleb Sweazy. 

The next visit, I ended up suggesting it to a new food photography buddy and work acquaintance from Nashville Michele Parvizi of Landscape Forms. She did a great post on her food blog M's Belly

The other major visit I featured on the Memphis Flyer Style Sessions. I got to photograph one of their stylish baristas Chalsie Petteway in the setting of Cafe Keough. See the full post here.

My camera was alongside most of the time so this is a compilation of photos over several visits.  If you've been, let me know what you think.

Cafe Keough
12 South Main near Madison.
Cafe Keough on Urbanspoon

Photos and graphics by Sophorn.


  1. lovely captures of a charming place.

  2. The photographs look lovely as always, and looks like this place serves nice food and coffee. I hope they serves cakes and desserts too.


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