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Motivational Mondays: Back from Cambodia

For most of us, after a nice weekend away from the regular job, Monday is a hard transition to productivity, and I, personally, always need motivation more of the spirit than anything else. This Monday I wanted to start off your week with a story that is about the spirit to help and the moving spirit of God.

As the first posting in a series I am calling “Motivational Mondays,” this special posting includes a letter written by my dad Long about his recent mission trip to Cambodia also told as a thank you to all those who contributed to the 30 Days of Hope fundraiser and just some of the photos taken on the trip.
My dad's letter describing his incredible experience in helping others in Jesus begins below.

On my recent mission trip to Cambodia, my homeland, I have seen God’s great blessings. After I stepped out in faith and decided to go on this trip and even after the layoff, He started to make a way for me and my wife to be part of this trip. I prayed about finding a way to fund the trip and asked others to also help pray about it. God began by stirring up my daughter Sophorn’s heart with prayer and an idea for fund-raising through a program she called 30 Days of Hope. Then, my other children, brothers, sister, friends, relatives, churches and other church families joined in with lots of prayers, words of encouragement, money, medicine, reading glasses, and school supplies. My heart was just overwhelmed with joy. Every time I think about how great and wonderful God works in people’s hearts, and all those who have a wonderful heart for God, tears just rush down my face, and my nose starts to run, also weeping with joy.

When we arrived in Cambodia, we joined with 14 other team members and our wonderful experienced team leader Pastor Chamron Phal. We had a great time together in the Lord. Every morning at 6 am, we met in a room in the hotel for devotion, to sing praises to the Lord, read the Bible, share testimonies, pray and set our goals for the day.

We would eat a big breakfast, hop in the 25-seat bus, and head for the “field of soul”. On the way, we would talk, sing, eat and laugh. Each place we went, we would see a good crowd of Cambodians, young and old, waiting for us with great smiles on their faces. They just love the Lord. It showed through their singing, shouting, lifting of their hands. They had their minds and hearts open for the Gospel.

We met an American couple from New York, Patrick & Barbara Kinek, who gave up everything they had in America and moved to Cambodia to serve the Lord among Cambodians. Also, a lady from Hong Kong and a young lady from Korea, who both love the Lord, learned to speak Cambodian to better serve and work with the people there for God’s kingdom. They inspired me and now I feel that God is more real to me. I walk much closer to Him since He showed me His mighty works. He taught me to trust Him more and told me that it is not smart to say “No, Lord.” Seeing people give up everything for someone else makes me think and take another look at Christ who also gave up the best things He had in heaven for the worst things a sinner can have on Earth, just to show His love for us.

Most Cambodian believers are poor. They do not own many things, but they are just as happy as they can be when they have Christ in their lives.

Great thanks to the team in Cambodia for their hard work to expand God’s kingdom and take care of His sheep. Also, thank you to the team from the US for their great job and dedication in stepping out of their comfort zone to work for the Lord, our great God, among desperate Cambodians who need Him most. Also, we want to thank every church and individual, family and friends who supported this ministry with prayer, financial gifts and all kinds of supplies. There would have been no success in realizing this trip without your help! And thanks again for acting as a vital part of the body of Christ!

Last, but not least, we thank you, Pastor Chamron, for taking care of us. You do that because of your love for Jesus. You always put us ahead of yourself. We love you and everyone on our team.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and bless all of you! Peace!
~Long Kuoy

Over 300 Cambodians were baptized in their decision to dedicate their lives to Jesus. Thank you Mom and Dad for being my inspiration. I am truly motivated by your spirit of selfless giving.
Photos by Long and Seakleng Kuoy.


  1. That certainly made my Tuesday. Thanks for sharing. - Trish

  2. Paise God for His unsearchable richs. I am glad to know people who wil go to foreign places and give time thier lives for the sake of spreding the gospel. Thank you.

  3. Jesusmipetra@yahoo.comJuly 15, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    Does anyone know how to contact (Patrick &) Barbara (n. Houston) Kinek??!?!? There are a few of us who were friends with her in Michigan in our 20s. Would love to be able to be in touch w/ her again. She always WAS a really amazing woman!!!! (This is from Karen Breuer (-Ross)). THANKS!!!!! My email is listed above.... Any help that can be offered would be appreciated!!


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