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Rock 'n' Romp at The Mid-South Maze

September's Rock 'n' Romp boasted their largest attendance ever, but uncounted in those numbers was how much fun Atticus and I, along with everyone else, had. The corn maze, jumping pillow, and the great fall weather made it our favorite Rock 'n' Romp so far. We started out with the corn maze where Atticus did a great job following the group of strangers in front of us all the way until the end.

After hitting the finish line an hour later, Atticus joined a familiar face from school on the jumping pillow*. Christopher wasn't there with us, so Atticus sort of adopted her dad to jump with. (Sorry Christopher.)

See more amazing and in-color photos by Chip Chockley here.

Rock 'n' Romp is holding a design contest (open to all ages) for next year's t-shirt. In the past they've had a kid with a guitar, a whole band, a big wheel, a sit-n-spin, and a rock'em sock'em robot (Photo above: Atticus is modeling the Rock 'n' Romp robot t-shirt he got that day.) They're looking for something bold but light-hearted. The winner will receive a "free t-shirt, fame among the 0-45 crowd, and [their] sincere gratitude." So if you are interested, send a jpeg/pdf of your design to memphisrocknromp [at] gmail [dot] com by November 15.

The next Rock 'n' Romp is at the Metal Museum, November 6th.

Mid-South Maze
Agricenter International off Germantown Pkwy.

*The Jumping Pillow is a stationed activity near the maze.
Go to the website for hours, prices and a coupon.

B&W Film Photos by Sophorn. Overlay image with some editing from Mid-south Maze site.

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