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DIY Beginner Chopsticks

This is the first time I've seen beginner chopsticks constructed with a paper and rubberband hinge, but when Thai Bistro gave Atticus this very set to use, I thought it was genius especially since his little fingers could use it to eat with very little trouble. What's even more impressive is the resourceful use of the red chopstick sleeve folded as the spacer. There's not much else instructive to say if you look at the photos. It's the easiest DIY I'll probably ever post. Thanks so much Thai Bistro.

See my review of Thai Bistro on Dining with Monkeys from a few weeks back here.
Photos/graphics by Sophorn.

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  1. Kids can use this chopstick to practice picking up and placing various items into containers. Have them pinch off the dough and roll the balls themselves for added fine motor practice.


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