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I relish weekend mornings at home when the morning sun bathes my room in beautiful light. Eyes open gently with a smile. I automatically turn on some music* and curl up with a hot cup of tea. It's also the gentle morning wake-up that I relish.


Here's a further tour of the tiny apartment I've chosen to make my home, filled with little pockets of coziness. Lately, I've collected decor that softens the place - velvety textures and furs. Instead of a traditional coffee table, a Bengali pouf takes center stage in the living area and also works as an ottoman and extra stool.

With the bed against the windows, the spot against the pillows is one of my favorite places to sit. Equally a favorite is on the single lounge chair in the corner covered with a faux sheepskin rug. Pieces of Atticus' paintings sprinkle the place for color while I try to cleverly store my accessories by placing them on display. My work station grabs some leftover wall space next to the kitchen and closet. To the right of the desk is one of my favorite accents - a macrame curtain in the doorway to the closet and bathroom.

It's still a work in progress but I'm still eager to give you, my dear readers, a look inside. Even when my new friend Alexandra wanted to introduce me and my style to her blog's readers, I suggested that getting to know my style all around would include me, at home. Welcome.

Below, Alexandra and I are enjoying the community sunroom. Alexandra opened several great clothing boutiques in Memphis - The Ivory Closet and The Attic. She's also a make-up artist and stylist for Click magazine. She did a great job on my make-up for this shoot. She also owns her own line of cosmetics - Adel Amor and is now sharing her expertise and experiences on her own blog called City Chic Living. You can read more about her path to entrepreneurship and more about me and my style. I'm grateful to be featured and honored to call her a friend.

Special thanks to Dirk Olsen for the photos of me. An amazing photographer who also happens to be my beau. xoxo

Item Details:
Bengali Pouf, faux fur blanket and pillows, Pier 1. Sheepskin rug, desk, and chair, Ikea. Sofa, West Elm. Macrame curtain, Urban Outfitters. Mug by Paper & Clay (Thanks to my good friend Allison for this sweet gift. It's well used.)

*Music lifts my soul. I collect great songs and now I want to share them with you. The link takes you to one of my favorite playlists I've put together either for relaxing, going to sleep, waking up, or taking a trip. You'll enjoy it, I promise.


  1. Yay, I love getting a peek inside your home! A friend of mine lives there as well, so I know the layout and love what you've done with it Sophorn. :)

    1. Awesome. I think I can guess which person is your friend. And thank you for the kind comment. Visit soon.

  2. Such a beautiful place! I just love your style!

  3. You could be qualified for a complimentary $300 IKEA Gift Card.


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