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Arcade Photo Shoot ~ Memphis

I had several people comment on these on Facebook and ask about Photoscape so I wanted to give the details of this photo shoot and the post-processing on the computer.

Post Process Above Photo in Photoscape ~ 1} Region Filter to blur outside edges 2} Vignette, 1st option to darken corners 3} Round edge frames at size 60

Camera for above photo} Nikon N75, 50mm lens

Main Details for all photos shown.

Story} My friend Sheetal is the subject for this portrait series after asking her to compete in a Mary Kay makeover contest a couple of years ago. I also wanted an excuse to shoot with a fellow photographer and personal hair stylist Robin Tucker. She suggested the Arcade and the film and processing detailed below and brought great old cameras I tested out .

Location} The Arcade Restaurant, 540 South Main, Memphis, TN, a popular shooting location for movies such as 21 Grams and Elizabethtown and other photo shoots such as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread. I think it's great for fashion shoots as well.

Film} Color Slide film {either Kodak Ektrachrome or Fuji Fujichrome}

Lab Process}Cross-processed {processing film in chemical meant for negative film to get different hue} It gave the photos a sort of seventies feel which is probably reinforced by what Sheetal chose to wear.

Post Process in Photoscape ~ 1}Backlight 25% 2} Film effect filter Provia Low 3}Antique Photo filter #4, Original color option

Camera for above and below photo} One of Robin's which I remember was a classic looking twins-reflex camera that used 120 film thus the square photos.

Post Process in Photoscape ~ 1}Brighten Middle 2}Backlight 25% 3}Antique Photo filter #6, Original color option {I know, the Kodak 35mm spool track is totally misleading and needs to be taken off.}

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*Robin Tucker donated a great photo for the 30 Days of Hope fundraiser. You can still purchase it to help future missions to Cambodia through FCC Missions Cambodia. 100% of the proceeds goes to help buy supplies for the poorest Cambodians, click here to see photo. Email sophorn@hotmail.com for inquiries.
Also, Robin is a great stylist and if you visit her for your next appointment you will get to sit and stare at a massive photo of Brad Pitt. Sounds enticing doesn't it. Click here to see her impressive resume.

**Photoscape quick info and free download link, click here.

If you would like to see more of my photography, click here. I just love it as a hobby but if you are at all interested in hiring me for any services or purchase any prints I have, I will not refuse. Please email me at sophorn@hotmail.com

All photos by Sophorn McRae.

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