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Atticus' Best of Memphis { A Visual List + Q&A }

Although the Memphis Flyer's Best of Memphis 2010 list is yet to be revealed, Atticus' Best of Memphis list can definitely give us some insight to what a kid would love about Memphis. We had to gather his official list for 2 reasons: {No.1} We had to write our first letter to Halifa, a child we sponsor in Tanzania through World Vision, and needed to describe life in Memphis. {No.2} His cousins Wills, age 3, and Lib, age almost 2, were visiting Memphis for the first time. Given that they were dedicating just 2 days to seeing Memphis, the visual list of what they saw on their visit can only mean that these places are some of the best fun Memphis has to offer {according to Atticus.}

Photo above ~ Best Place to Run: Atticus and Wills race on the tram bridge headed to Mud Island River Park. It's shaded and breezy with great views of the city and the river. {To my discontent I found as I cropped in closer to the photo, Atticus is giving his notorious arm block a la Jack Black in Nacho Libre, a favorite movie of his. Sorry Wills.}

Photo below ~ Best Restaurant/Best Patio/Best Bartender/Best Drink: As mentioned before, he loves the Majestic Grille and his Shirley Temple. The patio is a favorite probably because it is adjacent to the South Main trolley line, his other favorite thing in Memphis.

Before we continue the visual list, see the Q&A about Atticus' life in Memphis written for his letter to Halifa.


Q&A with Memphian Atticus {Age 4}

Tell me about yourself.
I am learning to ride my bike. I like to ride over to a park near our house. There are fountains that spray water there. We run and play in the water. It is a lot of fun.

What is your favorite thing to do in Memphis?
Go to the Majestic Restaurant and get a red drink. Go to ride on the trolleys and look at the river.

What do you do at school?
I play on the playground. Draw pictures. Learn our letters and sing songs.

What is your teacher's name? Tell about your teachers.
Miss Karen and Miss CJ, Miss Jenna. Miss Karen loves to kiss us when we are good. I like her because she is very nice. Miss CJ gives us our lunch, so I really like her. Miss Jenna gives us stickers when we are good. I get a sticker almost everyday because I am a good boy.

Tell us about your friends at school.
Trip has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is nice. Liam races with me. Colin hugs me and races with me. Helen, my best friend, we play. Emerson plays with me. Umm. Curly blonde hair. Very pretty and now goes to a new school. I will miss her.

As interviewed by Poppy/Christopher.


Best Way to Make a Four-Year-Old Squeal with Glee: The trolley. Period. Not only riding in one but just the sight of a trolley, especially of their favorite color, is sufficient.

Atticus is the first of us to hop in. He then waves the rest of us in. Wills looks like he's on the verge of a squeal. Lib is fascinated with the ceiling and possibly the stirrups, which Atticus now calls the monkey bars. Reason why the photo does not show a hand holding on to them as I would have liked for the shot: I was too occupied with keeping him from swinging from the straps.

Atticus wasn't in the mood to pose for this shot, but I think Wills handled the spotlight pretty well. Then it was off to Mud Island River Park via the tram bridge. The walk was a bit long for Lib, so Uncle Charles helped give her a break.

Best Water Park: Mud Island River Park ~ a walk in the scale model of the Mississippi River cools everyone off. It was very hard to get the kids to leave. {Lib is obviously much happier than in her previous photo.}

Memphis is the BEST {said like Jack Black in the oh-so-quotable Nacho Libre.} Hopefully, Wills and Lib have been convinced too. See more of Atticus' favorites below based on what he enjoys doing often. *Asterick marks other things Wills and Lib also enjoyed during their stay that did not have photos for the visual list. Also, thank you to Shannon and William for driving up with the kids to see us.


Atticus' Best of Memphis ~ A Supplemental List
~ Memphis Zoo*
~ My Big Backyard*
~ Live music at the Levitt Shell
~ Rock-n-Romp
~ Peabody Park Playground and Water Fountains
~ South Main Trolley Tour
~ Redbirds Baseball Stadium
~ Jerry's Sno Cones
~ Cooper-Young neighborhood and neighbors
~ {More to be added later with links.}

Photos/graphics by Sophorn.


  1. Atticus and I appreciate the same things about Memphis! :)))
    Such a cute post! :)

  2. Wonderful images. Atticus is the BEST.

  3. Thanks all. Haha, Atticus is the best, truly.


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