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The Salon Loft ~ Hair Design

The Salon Loft has been in Memphis since October 2005 but has only occupied their new downtown location for about two years. This location is where I first took notice of the salon admiring the interior style and graphic sign through the corner storefront. As a small local business, the Salon Loft adds to the culture and image of Memphis. Owners Tonya and Excell Blanchard, like they say on their sign, make cutting hair an art form.

See the Q + A with Excell below to find out more about his take on hair designs and Memphis as a dad of two young kids. I also wanted to see his skills in action by giving him the privilege of being the first professional to cut Atticus’ hair. That haircut is well-documented after the Q+A.

Q+A with Excell Blanchard

Did you grow up in Memphis? If not, where did you move from and what brought you here? If so, why did you stay?
I didn’t grow up in Memphis, lived here previously, but actually grew up in Indianapolis Indiana! My senior year in high school, parents relocated here to Memphis, as a young adult I wanted to stay in Indianapolis and finish school, so I stayed! Furthermore, Memphis is cool in some aspects, not cool in others, altogether it’s the place I chose to live, work, and raise my family, so I’m good with that!

Do you have any background in anything else other than cutting hair that improves your talent as a barber? I would think a background in graphic design would help.
I have a great eye for being creative, and knowing how to make someone look good. I used to as a child love to draw! That’s as good as it gets!

What is the trend for hair in your perspective?
In my perspective hair culture revolves on an axis. You see styles come and go. What’s trendy now is low maintenance, easy care styles, while some people prefer more edgy styles. Mohawks are really in now!

What are some crazy requests for hair styles or designs you’ve gotten?
There isn’t a style that someone has come to me and asked, that I perceive to be crazy, while its about what they want, I’m here to give them what THEY WANT, WHETHER ITS CRAZY TO ME OR NOT!

Can a client just say give me what you think would look good and you just experiment?
Definitely! I get people in my chair all the time that simply sit back, relax, and let me do my thing –mostly my dedicated clientele.

What are some of your “don’t miss” things in Memphis?
Don’t miss the botanical gardens, Memphis zoo, my salon, Gus’s chicken, southern hospitality!

As a parent, what are your favorite things to do in Memphis as a family?
I love spending time with family, as I have 2 young daughters! Anything that makes them happy! Botanical gardens, zoo!!!, children’s movies, simply sitting down at a table at dinner is a goodie as well...walking our 2 dogs when we have time...watching us grow as family is great to watch a well!

To an outsider, what would you tell them about Memphis?
If you make 50k, you can live well in Memphis! While, the culture aspect needs a facelift, it takes time! I love Memphis!

Not until my visit did I find out that the women’s salon was tucked nicely in the back. From this photo you can see the other barber’s chair run by Richard Anthony and Rickey Lewellen. {Tonya is on the left and Richard on the right.}


With a lot less preparation than Excell normally prefers for more complicated designs, he came up with this simple off-centered design, making a little “a” for Atticus. Like I mentioned before, Excell essentially designed a great logo for Atticus.

The haircut in reality only lasted about 15 minutes, but we came prepared with books that occupied Atticus and helped him focus in one direction as Excell needed for his precision cuts. We were quite relieved it worked and I know Atticus will always remember a great haircut experience.

Thanks Excell for the great cut and design!

The Salon Loft
10 N. Second Street
Suite 105
Memphis, TN 38103
ph +1.901.521.4247

You may call the salon number for appointments but the personal numbers are preferred for appointments. They do take walk-ins.
Excell / Owner and Barber / 901.864.0503
Tonya / Owner and Women’s Hair Stylist / 901.949.4279
Rickey / Barber / 901.864.4390
Richard / Barber / 901.210.6867

The Salon loft logo and name was created by Jay and Jared Richmond. / Photos and title graphics by Sophorn.

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  1. atticus loved showing off his haircut! what genious thought up the idea to bring a kids book for the photo shoot? sophorn your genious shows once again!


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