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Plarn it! Reusable Bags ~ Shop Local

There are many reusable shopping bag designs out today, but these bags that my neighbor Sharon has crocheted takes reusable to another level. Plarn is yarn made entirely from used plastic grocery bags. By crocheting the plastic, the material is strong, durable, and machine-washable. Each Plarn it! bag saves 50 plastic bags from the landfill. Go to her etsy shop to purchase. Custom orders are available.

See the photos below of the variety of styles she has available with prices tagged to each photo.

{1} Blue Bag / Commercial Appeal Newspaper Bags / $17
{2} Brown Bag / $17
{3} White Bag with Blue Handle / $17
{4} All White Bag / $15
{5} Small White Bag with Blue Stripes / $15 {Perfect size for kids.}

Plarn it! Bags ~ Stylishly Saving the Planet One Plastic Bag at a Time. /

Photos at the Memphis Farmer's Market by Sophorn. Thanks to Sharon's little boy for helping out in the photos.


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