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Rock for Love Q+A ~ Amy LaVere

Today I’d like to welcome one of the headliners for this year’s Rock for Love who really doesn't need an introduction, the talented Amy LaVere. She’ll be performing at the day show Saturday at Shangri-La Records. Thanks Amy for doing the last minute interview!

Do you have any connection to the CHC other than as a musical supporter this year?
I am lucky enough to be on the Memphis Plan. I have used the Church Health Center on occasion when vitamin C wasn't cuttin' it.

What bands are you personally excited about seeing?

What can people expect from your live set on Saturday?
It will be the first show of a potentially "too-fresh to be in public" band. I have been working on putting together a new line up to tour with this year and it took some time to find the right chemistry of people. And although they are great musicians we will have had but 2 rehearsals and it's a little cruel for me to throw us out there but I want to honor my commitment to be a part of the Benefit and we'll have fun.

From what I read, you enjoy touring. Is that correct? Where have been your best experiences performing and/or visiting so far?
Touring may be my favorite part of being a working musician. It's always a great experience. I particularly loved the opening run we did in the UK for an artist named Sea Sick Steve. He had the best fans and it was a long run of big shows.

Where would you like to perform that you haven’t yet?
It's a really big world and the list is too long to put here.

Do you still reside and record here in Memphis?
Yes I do. I almost finished a new record here last month. I am going to London in a few weeks to record 2 more tunes and finish up the vocals. The producer lives there and has a studio. He also has a new baby and wanted to stay close to home so I'm going there to finish it.

You’ve had small parts in Memphis-made movies such as Black Snake Moan and Walk the Line. What kind of films are you interested in being involved in?
I just take it one script at a time.

Can we expect to see you in anything else soon?
I have a great part in a film that was shot here last year that hopefully will debut at the Memphis Film Festival. Brian Pera is the writer/director and the film is called Woman's Picture. I have a couple of other upcoming film projects in the works, The Romance of Loneliness, my first lead, and another film with Brian.


Thanks Amy and all the other musicians volunteering their time for a great cause. Don't forget Rock for Love continues tonight at 9pm at the Hi-Tone. See the rest of the weekend's line-up below.

Friday / August 20 / The Hi Tone
$10 / 9 pm /18+
~ The Dirty Streets
~ The Magic Kids
~ Skewby
~ Glorie
Emcee: Ross Johnson

Saturday / August 21 / Shangri-La
Sounds of Memphis Rock for Love 4 Day Party
FREE / Noon to 5 pm / All-ages
~ Amy LaVere
~ Oracle and the Mountain
~ The Near Reaches
~ The Burning Sands
~ Chinese Lanterns

Saturday / August 21 / The Hi Tone
$15 / 9 pm / 18+
~ Lucero
~ The Bulletproof Vests
~ Jeremy Stanfill
Emcee: Al Bell


See the other banner option below. I was going off the wind-swept curly hair but then thought it might too distracting to the photo. Well, the idea can be kept for another use later.

Photo via Cincy Groove Magazine.

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