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Graphic Design for The Unpretentious Restaurant

When I saw this branding package for the restaurant Frank over the weekend, I was completely inspired to do the same for Alex's Tavern, one of the most unpretentious restaurants in Memphis. Rocky, owner of Alex's, raved over my photos from my last visit then also asked if I could design their menu. I had put it off for a while but finally went back last night to try the fall-off-the-bone bbq ribs and touch base with Rocky about the menu design. He let me know that Alex's logo is actually a turn of the century baseball player with a prominent handle bar mustache. It was a great vintage image I know will inspire the menu design along with the examples from these Frank graphics by Helms Workshop.

Don't forget to check out Alex's Tavern for a burger I still think is the best in Memphis and the bbq ribs with delicious coleslaw and beans.

Images via graphic exchange.


  1. I would totally eat there.

  2. Great pictures and would love a hot dog right now! :)


  3. I can't take credit for the photos but I'll be sure to show my photographs of the complete Alex's project.


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