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The Peanut Shoppe

The Peanut Shoppe downtown has become a regular visit by our office recently. James goes for the fresh roasted peanuts but I go for the candied peanuts and hazelnuts. Don't let the sign limit you. They also have popcorn and candy of all sorts. Owners Ameerah and Ridda showed us that the antique roaster was more than just for show. // They also make assorted gift boxes for special occasions so remember them for the upcoming holidays.

The Peanut Shoppe
24 South Main Street Near Monroe
Memphis, TN
ph +1.901.525.1115

Photos by Sophorn.

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  1. palestinianbaby@gmail.comApril 25, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    Hi there! I came across these pictures that you took, on Google Images and when I clicked on them, my dad said he knew who you were and I just had to leave a comment. You have amazing skills and we really appreciate you taking the time to make a blog post about our sweet, local shop here in Memphis. I hope you don't mind that I posted your blog post on our Facebook page (facebook.com/memphispeanutshoppe). Hope you and the fam are doing well! Take care! - Nura, Ridda & Ameerah


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