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TCBY Midtown~ Super Fro Yo

Although we've visited the brand new TCBY building in midtown several times per Atticus' requests, we have to admit we go to fill our cravings too. Especially since we learned on our recent visit that TCBY yogurts were officially defined as nutritional, we don't feel guilty for indulging.

We also learned that Memphis TCBY owners were a select few that were introducing a new classification of frozen yogurt - Super Fro-Yo, which elevates the levels of live active cultures, probiotics, and dietary fiber beyond what was normally offered in any other fro-yo product. Not specific to one flavor or form, the classification is applied to all their products. Although I can say that the frozen yogurt is also packed with vitamins, protein, and calcium, it's more enticing for us that they offer these elevated levels of nutrition in the form of soft-serve, hand-scooped, frappes, malts, shakes and cakes. In addition to the large selection of fresh fruit or candy toppings, the number of great yogurt flavors offered daily is impressive. 

Here's what we recommend in addition to getting a sample before you order.
~red ruby grapefruit sorbet {Christopher's "to crave"}
~wedding cake soft-serve {Sophorn's pick}
~rainbow cream, hand-dipped, kid's cup {Atticus' pick}
~mocha soft-serve

The new free-standing building, built to fit the uniquely narrow commercial lot, is quite distinctive in it's slenderness. This TCBY location, owned and operated by local Memphian Eric Tushek, is not built from a franchise prototype. Due to the site constraints, Eric actually hired his brother Michael , of the local architecture firm Bounds and Gillespie, to design a building that gave enough parking plus a drive-thru. Although the building footprint looks like the last spare inch was squeezed out, the storefront along the front and side seating helps keep a spacious feel inside.  It's probably a good marketing move knowing a building that holds that much sweet goodness is keeping such a cute, slender figure.

It's going to be a rare 65 degrees today, so we'll see you again soon TCBY.
{Side note: The photo of Atticus' fro-yo mustache/beard/fangs? was taken at his request. We decided we should start a series of Atticus' food/drink mustaches.}

TCBY Midtown
1708 Union Ave
Memphis, TN
ph +1.901.552.4727

Facebook ~ where you can see their latest flavors and specials.

Photos/graphics by Sophorn.

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