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To Crave ~ Miss Cordelia's Tuscan Sun Panini

I literally craved this sandwich all last week, and if you count the time I ate the leftovers today, that makes it three times I've delighted in the "Tuscan Sun" in one week. The Tuscan Sun sandwich from Miss Cordelia's is a panini with 5 layers of herb grilled chicken breast, melted provolone cheese, sweet and tangy roasted tomatoes, grilled portabella mushrooms, and tangy pesto mayo. The flavor combination will make your taste buds swoon.  Thanks so much Mylissa Horrocks for introducing this to me!

Miss Cordelia's Table and Grocery
737 Harbor Bend Road
Memphis, TN
ph +1.901.526.4772

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Photo by Sophorn at Court Square, my lunch today under the sun. (And the text is intentionally placed under the Tuscan Sun.) 
I put my hand to the screen. It's actual size.

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  1. i think it's officially time for you to declare yourself a professional photographer. let me know when you're signing up clients!

  2. oh, thank you really but I'm thinking my photos only look impressive when I say I'm not a professional :)


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