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Good Design = Happier Memphians?

Well, Memphis. The day is near when getting your driver's license becomes a little less dreaded.  I can't guarantee that the customer service will improve (although they are adding over 20 service teller stations to lessen the notorious waiting line) but I can say we designed the site and new facility to make the wait a lot more pleasant.  

Last week, LRK project manager Juan took architecture professionals on a site tour, explaining very well the important moves of placing the building's back of house functions to the noisy street edge so both the glass enclosed and outdoor waiting space faced the better landscaped views.  It was also part of the thought process that we design a clear and direct traffic flow for the pedestrian in their movement from the parking space, to the entrance, and through the building. In providing a better experience for the occupants, we also considered how the existing facility would have contributed to creating disgruntled and agitated customers, which I know has been a story the local news has highlighted several times.  Since I'm still unsure what the public's reaction will be when this Whitehaven location near the airport finally opens this summer, I was hesitant to share more than just vague construction photos in previous posts.  Now I'm eager to see if good design can contribute to happier Memphians.    

Photos by Sophorn. Architecture by LRK architects.

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