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To Crave ~ Muddy's Bake Shop Cupcakes

Although this was our first time eating Muddy's cupcakes inside Muddy's bakery, we've sampled their cupcakes several times during special birthdays and parties where it was always noted, "these cupcakes are from Muddy's."  Could it be the new Memphis tradition?  It certainly seemed that way, so when Christopher's birthday rolled around last week, Atticus and I didn't want him to miss out on this special honor. We ordered the cupcakes with sprinkles, of course, then threw in a ginger kip bar and pistachio cookie for the variety. Atticus, after one and a half cupcakes, tamed his sugar high pretty well, limiting his bursts of energy just to the length of the booth seat. It was their clever stash of kids' books that finally calmed him down. Thank you Muddy's! We hope to come back and try the sandwiches soon.

The first image shows a graphic logo I'm testing over the Muddy's photo for the AIA Tennessee convention happening in Memphis this year. The chosen theme is "MemphIS" or read "Memphis IS." The general phrase is "Memphis IS Tennessee" but in developing graphics and marketing material it will be many other specific things like music, the Blues, commerce, design, and so forth.  The overlay on this image is supposed to look like a sticker label with a color gradient from blue to brown. The state shape also looks like a hand pointing to the cupcake.  Although there are many other variations I have for the committee to choose from though I still need to adjust the dots, the one shown works well with the Muddy's vibe. 

Hope you had a happy birthday Christopher! 

Muddy's Bake Shop
5101 Sanderlin Ave Ste 114
Memphis, TN 38117
ph +1.901.683.8844

Photos/graphics by Sophorn. Note: Thomas, I have been conscious of making the logo NOT seem a copycat of your Eat Local Memphis blog graphic. i.e. No star.

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  1. Use a star! To me Memphis is the best part of TN, so I'm all about giving us the star treatment. The star is also an integral part of the state flag, so it is the traditional brand.

    Great post on Muddy's and awesome photos as usual!


  2. Kat at Muddy'sFebruary 8, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    Sophorn, thanks for the great review and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Atticus! He is becoming such a Memphis celebrity and I never get tired of seeing the photos of him hamming it up around town. I'm honored y'all celebrated with us! THANKS!!!!! xoxo, Kat

  3. Thanks Thomas that's good to know I have your clearance. It's just a courtesy I guess. Kat, I still don't think I do Atticus or your cupcakes justice with my photos/photo editing attempts. See you soon I'm sure!


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