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Black Lodge Video / New Local Movie

Black Lodge Video has been one of those underground Memphis spots we visited the very first week we moved here and visit every so often just so we can feel like a true local. It's kind of an obsession this cultural fascination I have with all things local. While the guys at Black Lodge clearly have a passion for all things film stocking almost every title made and categorizing even by director, every visit, I still aim straight for the local films section.

Christopher's  recent conversation with one of the owners Matt led to the discussion of a film Skiptracers by his cousin's husband Andy Stuckey that cast in the lead role Memphian Porter Harris, his stage name since his real name Harrison Ford would have caused apparent confusion. Matt chuckled at the random trivia and mentioned the indirect tie to Memphis via Porter Harris could categorize it as a local film. Christopher almost rushed home that instant to grab our copy of the movie and offer it a good home at Black Lodge but Matt suggested we make sure it was off the festival circuit first, and since they offer all the rental sales of local films go straight to the filmmakers, we’d need to get Andy and Matt connected. Needless to say, Andy responded right away by shipping 2 DVD copies to them the very next week.

So tonight and this weekend, go to Black Lodge, especially if you’ve never been before, and if you are already planning to go, take a glance at the local films section and rent a copy of Skiptracers. It’s a great little movie accompanied by a great soundtrack with some help from one of my favorite musicians Langhorne Slim. See my previous postings and interview with filmmakers of Skiptracers here. / Remember Cooper-Young Association members get a free movie rental every month at Black Lodge.

Black Lodge Video
831 S. Cooper
Memphis, TN
Ph +1.901.272.7744

Black Lodge on Facebook

Photos by Sophorn.

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